Retail Credit Card Processing

Retail Stores

Owning a retail store is hard enough! As a small business owner, you have to worry about your lease for your space, employees, inventory and so much more. Who has time to research your payment processing? Not many! It’s not as simple as it used to be. Even 10 years ago, getting set up was pretty simple. There were only a couple of stand alone terminals available and most reps pitched a rate to you and you were set. Most reps still try to play that game. “Pitching rate”, being a “rate jockey”. They’ll sign you up and you never hear from them again. To make it worse, your “great rate” probably really isn’t that great. For most merchants, we dare ya! Try contacting the rep that signed you up. Try calling their cell and see if they remember who you are or even answer your phone or return your call. They probably won’t and probably aren’t in the industry anymore. Today, Rocky Mountain Credit Card works to keep your business ahead of the curve as far as technology goes. We are always around. You have access to personal cell numbers and emails and will get that quick response you need! The payment processing industry is not that simple anymore either! There are hundreds of point of sale solutions out there. There are stand alone terminals, swipers for phones, tablet point of sale systems, iPad point of sale systems and your full blow point of sale solutions. On top of this, there’s dial up, ethernet, WIFI and wireless connections. Are you overwhelemed yet? Well, most of these systems don’t just accept cards anymore. Most can do inventory tracking, time clock management for employees, reporting for credit card sales and loyalty of some sort just to name a few. We could ask 10 different retail business owners what they want out of their payment processing and POS system and we could get 10 different answers. That’s why it’s so important to have a company that will listen to you, hear what you, the merchant, wants and not what system your credit card company wants to push on you. Rocky Mountain Credit Card will try to get you into a system that will not only be cost effective for you, but will be the best fit for your business! You want your system to do more than just accept payments. You want it to bring business to your store and that’s what we’ll help you do!