Tailored Payment Solutions for Every Industry

What your industry needs to succeed will differ from your neighboring business’ industry. That’s where the extra advantage of a custom payment system built specifically for not only your goals, but also your industry, comes into play. Because we have extensive experience creating payment systems that drive success for a wide range of industries, we know the nuances of what works best where, and we can even speak to why that’s the case. Why settle for a blanket solution when you could be driving better results and experiences with one customized exactly for your industry needs?

Merchant Statement Analysis

Merchant statements can be difficult to understand. To learn your effective rate, avoidable fees, and any potential savings, upload your merchant statement below. It’s FREE, instant, and confidential.

Restaurants & Bars

The food and beverage industry is a huge chunk of the market, especially in ever-growing metropolises like Denver. From credit card processing to the ever-important PoS system and other solutions necessary to keep your restaurant or bar on the cutting edge of what people expect and what makes your business run smoothly, we’ve got you covered.


Service based businesses are a whole different beast from retail, food and beverage, or anything else, really. Photographers and artists have different needs, their clients have different needs, and the sales funnel differs greatly. We’ve helped many photographers create the perfect system to meet their needs as well as the needs and desires of their clients.

Retail Stores

Anyone in the retail world knows just how crazy it can be. It’s fast-paced, it never stops, and the demand from customers can sometimes feel a little overwhelming. With the right payment systems and processes in place, that stress can be greatly reduced. We love working with retail stores to create the system that tackles their biggest challenges and turns pain points into moments of ease for you and your customers.


Craft beer is the industry that just won’t stop growing in Colorado, and we love it! Operating a brewery may seem on the surface like a very similar venture to the restaurant and bar industry, but once you get inside, it becomes a whole different beast. Making sure your payment systems and processes match the level of integrity and passion you put into your brands isn’t always easy, but with our team it can be simple, painless, and just about as enjoyable as that IPA you can’t wait to get on tap for your next release party.

Online Services

Accepting credit cards online can be overwhelming at times. We can make sure you are set up with an internet payment gateway that will fit your needs. Does your company need an invoicing service where you can accept payments? We have that. Your business can set up recurring billing and fraud protection to secure your payments and keep your customers at ease with their transaction.


Non-profits operate in a different world than most other businesses. With the certifications, the need for donations and fundraising, and the differing business structure, a seemingly simple solution can sometimes cause more problems than it solves. We’ve worked with a number of non-profits to create systems that do exactly what you need – and none of what you don’t. So you can stop worrying about where the money’s going and focus on the passion that brought you here in the first place.