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One size fits all payment solutions just don’t cut it for every business. Sometimes they don’t do enough, sometimes they do more than you need. Instead of figuring it out by trial and error, ending in serious frustration, work with the trusted payment system specialists at Rocky Mountain Credit Card to help create a system that suits your needs and helps you grow in a smart, efficient way. What might your solution include? We offer a wide range of payment system services, but to give you an idea, check out what’s below.

Credit Card Processing

A pretty common starting point, and a system nearly every business needs in place. Our credit card processing solutions are designed with you in mind and can be adjusted to fit your exact business needs and help you move toward your goals.

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Online Payment Gateways

We have partnered with multiple online payment gateways. Most of the time, we use If you need to accept payments online or on the go, this can be a great solution for you. not only offers online payments, but also invoicing to your customers. You can set up recurring payments for your customers for ongoing or monthly payments. Feel secure that your business is in good hands with fraud protection as well.

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Point of Sale Systems

The experience a customer has with you at your establishment is a key factor to fostering loyalty and a positive overall impression of your business. Our Point of Sale systems help you do that seamlessly with easy-to-use interfaces that allow your team to serve your customers in the smoothest, most efficient way possible, all the while keeping you ahead of the curve.

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Gift Cards

If you’re not offering your loyal customers an easy way to share what you have to offer with others, you’re missing out on a huge chance to quickly and efficiently grow your customer base. Gift Cards are easy to implement and help create a natural point of referral that will build your business big time.

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Payment Apps

Increased convenience, seamless customer experience (pay from your table, etc.) make the payment process easier for not only the merchant, but the customer as well. Makes payment easier for the merchant by allowing for faster table turnover (restaurants & bars), speaking directly with PoS systems, etc.

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Loyalty Programs

Speaking of that loyalty every business aims to earn from customers and clients, offering a loyalty program is a quick and easy way to keep ’em coming back for more. A well-integrated and simple platform is key to making your loyalty program successful, so let us help you set up the kind of loyalty program that truly rewards your customers and gives them incentive to continue coming back time and again.

Online Donations

If you’re a nonprofit, you know that having the ability to accept donations through several different avenues is the key to keeping your cause afloat. We have systems specifically designed to help you safely and securely accept online donations, allowing you the versatility you need to keep raising money for what’s important to you and your business without worrying.

Higher Risk Processing

High risk processing is generally reserved for merchants who process their cards online. It could also be a business that may not be approved by the normal processing companies. If this is the case for your business, we could have a solution for you!

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Small Business Loans on Credit Card Receivables

If your business is in a money crunch or you need to get through tough times, we might have a solution for you. This is an alternative to traditional bank funding if you can’t secure a loan that way. We can help you get the working capital you need to continue running your business. This is instant capital based on future credit card sales. Get funding as quickly as 5 days!

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ApplePay & Android Pay

A payment solution with ever-growing popularity, ApplePay can help keep your business on the cutting edge of what many consumers are already carrying around in their pockets everywhere they go. Implementing this system into your overall payment solutions plan can help ensure you don’t lose a customer just because they forgot their wallet at home.

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EMV Solutions

We have numerous terminals and POS solutions to help you accept EMV or the new “smart chip” cards. Make sure your business is in compliance and can accept all forms of payments.

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