CPA Partnerships

Payment Processing Partnerships with CPAs

As a business CPA, your goal is to take care of your customer and make sure not only they are compliant and pay the least amount of taxes that they need, you want to make sure all the services the pay money to over the year are good solutions for them. For most businesses, once you cover employee overhead and the rent for the building, credit card processing is the next highest cost of doing business. We have spoken to many CPAs and they’ve told us that many of their clients complain about how much they pay for their payment processing and they wish they had a company they can trust to refer their long time clients.

Well, look no further! Here at Rocky Mountain Credit Card, we can work with CPAs and give group discounts and programs that they can make their clients happy and help them save money and get a more up to date and streamlined payment process. Put the payment processing choices and solution in your control! If at any time questions come up, you’ll know exactly who to call and know that you will get the answers your need for your client! What do you have to lose? Keep your clients happy and create another way that you can save money for them and have a better retention rate for your clients.

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