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The payment processing world is evolving by the hour. It’s not as simple as even 10 years ago when there were just a few stand alone credit card terminals and you programmed it and your business was set. With the advent of affordable POS systems, to tablet solutions, to on the go payments with your phone, it as times can be overwhelming to figure out what solution is for you. What if you’ve missed the boat on a great program that can generate business for your company? Don’t worry! That’s what we at Rocky Mountain Credit Card are here for. We do the research and stay on top of the ever changing industry. Reach out to us and discuss your business. We will listen to you on your particular needs and if there is something out there that will generate more business for you or help simplify your life, we’ll put it together!

We can set up your payment plan exactly how you want it. In most cases, Interchange Plus or Cost Plus pricing is the most cost efficient set up. This gives you the opportunity to pay in many cases a couple of tenths percent above actual Visa/MC/Discover/Amex cost! If you want a more simplified plan for your business, we can set up a one rate plan where you pay one rate no matter what the card is!

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$500 Guarantee

What do you have to lose? We will give you a free consultation on your current payment processing set up. We will make sure that your payment system is the best for you and educate you on possible new solutions that can improve your business flow. Rocky Mountain Credit Card also has a $500 guarantee. We are so confident we can beat your current rates, that if we can’t, we’ll give you $500! The time is now to act and take your payment solution to the next level with Rocky Mountain Credit Card.

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5 Reasons To Choose an Independent Credit Card Processing Company?

There are lots of credit card processing companies out there. Some are big, some are small, and then there is Rocky Mountain Credit Card. We’re an independent provider of credit card processing services, point of sale systems, and merchant cash advance program to help your business grow.


But why choose Rocky Mountain Credit Card over your other options? Well, we feel the answer is pretty simple. As a local, independent provider of merchant processing services:

We Don’t Cost More

Contrary to popular belief, working with a local, independent provider doesn’t cost your business any more than working with a large national brand directly. As a matter of fact, it can even be the opposite.

Independent contractors like Rocky Mountain Credit Card help bring lots of business to larger brands and are often times given the absolute best prices and program options to pass along to their clients.

Big brands like, Harbortouch, and more trust independent companies like ours to help them find reliable, longterm clients and to help roll out new programs to existing customers. This usually means we can offer at least the same price, if not a better one.

We Give You Choices

We’re called an independent provider because, well, we’re independent. That means that we don’t have any particular loyalty to a specific brand, provider, or solution. We always evaluate our customers’ needs based on the conversations we have with them and the goals they have for their business.

We don’t benefit more by choosing one service or brand over another, we win by making choices that are right for you and earning your business for the long term. At the end of the day, big companies and providers know that an independent brokerage is going to shop around to give it’s customers the best options — so they typically work pretty hard to be competitive for us. Those are savings that we pass on to the businesses who work with us.

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We’re Your Long Term Advocate

When you work with an independent credit card processing provider like Rocky Mountain Credit Card, you get a true advocate for your small business. When you work directly with a representative from a large national brand, you have no recourse if something is wrong — your representative and your provider have the exact same interests.

Rocky Mountain Credit Card cares about our clients, and we take up their cases on their behalf to help achieve the best outcomes and solutions.

We Adapt To Meet Your Business’ Needs

At Rocky Mountain Credit Cards, we put relationships first. Our first responsibility is always to our customers and that means some perks and services that you might not be used to.

We can review your current programs and systems to see if they are the best fit for you while working to save you money. As time goes on and your business grows or possibly even changes, we will be here to help your credit card processing and point of sales systems evolve with you, allowing you to continue to provide the best services and products to your clients in the way that makes to most sense and drives the most revenue.

We’re Your Personal Industry Experts

Sifting through all of the options that exist for credit card processing and other merchant payment services is a full-time job. Rocky Mountain Credit Card will help connect with you the right hardware, software, and services you need while doing all the heavy lifting. You can stay focused on your business and know that you have an active advocate working for your companies’ best interests.

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