Credit Card Processing Companies

At Rocky Mountain Credit Card, we have partnered with many great credit card processing companies. Here are the top few that in most cases we work with. We give your business a step up on the competition by having many companies to work with as opposed to a one solution processor. That gives you more flexibility and more POS options for your business!  

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Harbortouch POS

Harbortouch stands watch at its Allentown, Pa., headquarters, a symbol of the company’s long view of the payments ecosystem. Established in 1999 as United Bank Card Inc., the company caused a stir in 2004 when its free terminal program disrupted traditional industry pricing models. Years later, the company rebranded as Harbortouch after introducing the first free integrated POS platform. Today Harbortouch boasts 110,000 merchants processing approximately $11 billion in annual credit card volume.


MersaTech is an organization founded on servicing the ever-changing needs of the merchant bankcard marketplace, which includes merchant accounts, payment processing, check services, gift cards, loyalty card programs, credit card processing and processing equipment.

North American Bancard:

With over 11 companies and 20+ products in its fold, NAB has developed a robust service network that caters directly to a host of unique merchant market segments and business needs. All of which are in place to eliminate customer confusion and minimize the distribution of third-party costs to partners and customers. This has led the company to accomplish the honor of becoming the seventh largest credit card processor of North American merchant transactions. NAB is now processing nearly $50 billion in transactions annually.

National Merchants Association:

National Merchants Association, launched as an advocacy group for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) in 2004, is dedicated to working on behalf of businesses to eliminate or reduce the costs associated with accepting credit cards. NMA has accomplished this goal by optimizing processing contracts to ensure SMBs are paying reasonable interchange, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliance, statement, customer service and other related fees.