Payment Apps

Mobile App Payment Solutions

Consumers are using their phones now more than ever to do searches than the standard computer. Does your business have a mobile app? If not, you must ask yourself why. Rocky Mountain Credit Card has numerous solutions for mobile apps. Not only that, but ways for your customers to pay from the app without handing over their credit card or credit card information! You can create a calendar on your mobile app so at any time, your customers can be up to date and know of any specials or promotions that your business is running. We can help you create a loyalty program right from your app to drive customers back to your business and increase it by up to 10%! Have you wondered how you can create the push notifications that other bigger companies have? We have a way to make a customized app for your business to help you compete with the bigger companies out there! Any way you cut it, the more people and your customers see your business and you promoting it, there’s a better chance for them to keep coming back! Are you a bar or restaurant and are concerned about fraud from employees or not being compliant with EMV standards? We have a system that let’s your customers pay anytime, right from your very own app! If you are a busy restaurant and during happy hour and busy times of the evening your wait staff can’t keep up with their tables, we can make sure you never have that problem again! How great would it be to turn extra tables every day and not have your servers play the “Are you ready for the ticket” game and hurrying back to your POS system to run their credit card! We can bring your restaurant into the 21st century and keep your restaurant ahead of the curve. Your customers will want to come back just based on convenience alone!