High Risk Processing

High Risk Credit Card Processing

If you are a high risk merchant, it can be hard to find a quality credit card processor to work with and one that you can trust in the long term. One thing to keep in mind is that one processor you have looked at may consider you high risk, while another might not. It can get confusing at times, especially if they tell you there is no way that your account will be approved or that there is no avenue for your company. Every processor has different underwriting guidelines and approval procedures. If you are indeed high risk, it is also a good idea to work with a processor that specializes in high risk accounts because at times, these can be very complicated to get approved. Luckily, with Rocky Mountain Credit Card, we have a couple of solutions that can help you get approved if you need to accept credit cards and the normal processing avenue does not work. High risk merchants are ones that have a higher risk for fraud and chargebacks. Sometimes your account can be high risk given your credit history or the company financials aren’t that strong. These are businesses with high turnover rate and chance of closing quickly. Some examples of industries that are considered high risk are debt consolidation, multi level marketing, travel industry marijuana, bail bonds, adult industry, 30 day free trial offers, and many others. We will give you a honest opinion on what we can do for your business and if it’s possible to get you approved. If one doesn’t work, we might have another avenue to get you approved. One thing to keep in mind, high risk accounts do have higher rates than your normal credit card processing account. Either way we will work to get you a competitive rate and solution for your business.

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