Accept ApplePay

Accept ApplePay for Convenient and Secure Payments

Get ahead of the curve with your business! Accept Apple Pay. Only just over a third of all merchants accept Apple Pay and that number is even lower for small business owners. Let us help you add convenience to your customers and speed up your transaction process. Rocky Mountain Credit Card has multiple systems and stand alone credit card terminals that have the ability to accept Apple Pay. Apple Pay is a form of NFC payment. Near Field Communications is a wireless payment form and it let’s the customer use their smart phone to pay their bill. NFC technology is the next generation of payments. It solves a major problem for your business, frustration at checkout. All your customer now has to do to pay is tap or hover their smart phone over your terminal and it’s done in seconds! That’s it!

If you have long lines at your checkout and customers getting antsy to get through, this can be a game changer for your business! Make sure to keep up with your competition and start accepting Apple Pay. Want another reason to accept Apple Pay? This is a much more secure way to accept payment. With all of the data breaches that have been happening in the industry, your customers are looking for a safer way to process their credit cards. Payments run this way do not transmit sensitive data. This means that even if the data is stolen by someone, it is useless. Almost 50% of American smart phone users have an iPhone, so you want to make sure you embrace technology and your customers needs. Apple has proven many times that they can change the way consumers think and change behavior. NFC payments have risen considerably since the adoption of Apple Pay and will continue to do so.

Accept ApplePay!