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Creating a seamless customer experience often starts with the very foundation of a customer interaction – the point of sale. While there are so many other pieces to the customer satisfaction puzzle, when making a purchase with your business is easy, hassle-free, and pleasant, the rest tends to fall into place easily. We offer a wide range of restaurant and bar POS systems to meet whatever needs you may have as a business owner and will help you find the right solution by utilizing our knowledge of your industry and our insights into the finer points of point of sale systems for restaurants and bars.

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POYNT Payment Solution

A wireless solution already built to handle EMV chips, Poynt allows you to take payments anywhere, any time. This solution offers a wide range of payment options for customers and has a clean touch display with two screens so you and your customers can see what’s going on simultaneously, as well as a built-in receipt printer. Poynt has the added benefit of customization through a digital network of peripherals to make it a powerful solution that suits your needs. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO!

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HARBORTOUCH ELITE-IT’S FREE! This solution does not mess around – it’s robust interface allows for necessary retail options like inventory tracking, employee management and commissions, size/color/style matrix, coupons, vendor management with purchase order creation options and more. This is a fully loaded PoS system with the ability to handle even your toughest retail needs in a simple and easy-to-navigate manner. The best thing about this POS, is there is no up front cost! That’s right, $0 cost out of pocket! CHECK OUT THE VIDEO!

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For those who are looking for a robust system in a sleek, simple package, Harbortouch Echo POS may be the perfect fit. It combines all the features and reliability you expect from Harbortouch in a sleek tablet design for the ultimate modern shopping experience. Echo helps streamline your operations and improve your bottom line with powerful reporting tools. All the information you or your customers could need is at your fingertips with this solution.┬áThe best thing about this POS, is there is no up front cost! That’s right, $0 cost out of pocket! CHECK OUT THE VIDEO!

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Verifone Vx520 Payment System

A trusted, reliable, and rugged option, Verifone offers a purposefully designed system that is easy to use and adaptable to your needs. With the choice of ethernet or dial-up connectivity as well as a comm port area underneath, your countertops remain free of clutter, making your transaction experience smooth and simple. With a powerful processor, this PoS system works at lightning speed. Add in the integrated NFC/CTLS capabilities and you open whole new worlds to the power of supporting alternate payments, loyalty programs and more.

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Another sleek tablet design with the ability to split payments, scan barcodes, email, SMS, or print itemized receipts, and more, PayAnywhere is becoming a popular choice thanks to its ability to work with Apple iOS and Android devices as well as its range of payments accepted. From a business perspective, you can also see sales, deposits, and important reports quickly and easily. If you’re struggling to connect with your customers past a single purchase, PayAnywhere offers tools to help you manage your customers and export segmented lists to help create marketing campaigns targeted at certain types of customers down the road.

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