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SoftPoint Point Of Sales Solutions

SoftPoint is a cloud-based software solution that also offers cutting-edge hardware to help you execute on your sales, performance, logistics, and other business needs.

Offering a wide variety of terminals and access options, SoftPoint successfully achieves their goal of proving streamlined service that can help you do more business and provide your customers with a superior experience.



SoftPoint, unlike many other payment processing providers, recognizes that you may already own terminals or other hardware you are used to even though you’d prefer better software solutions. Or, maybe you just need to gradually make the transition to a better system while remaining compliant. That’s why we’ve created integration solutions that are compatible with over 20 platforms including names like Oracle, Brink, Maitre’D, Northstar, and more.


SoftPoint systems make taking payments easier than ever for both your employees and your customers. With many different payment processing system platforms to choose from, including mobile, table based, kiosk, and register-style terminals, they have the software and the tools to help your business grow.


Empower your Denver-based employees to focus on excellent customer service instead of taking orders and payments with one or more kiosks for your business. Designed to integrate with current payment processing hardware and DataPoint systems, you can build intuitive menus, take orders, and receive payments, all while freeing up your staff to take care of your clients.


More and more restaurants are making the switch to table-based payment processing terminals, allowing guests to order and pay at their convenience. Never again will your guests have to wait to order their much-anticipated meal during the dinner rush.


Do you provide services away from your actual office? Do you spend time on the road selling products that require a lightweight, secure, and speedy payment processing system? SoftPoint offers an effective array of mobile applications and hardware to help you protect customer data and payments while doing more business than ever before.


For businesses that handle payment processing directly from the front desk or through their office computers, SoftPoint offers secure online merchant processing solutions. These user-friendly portals provide you with everything you need to take payments and securely handle the financial aspects of your day-to-day business.


SoftPoint does much more than just offer top-quality payment processing systems and solutions. They also have developed over 100 applications to help you meet your operational and client needs through one, easy-to-use, centralized platform.

Who SoftPoint Serves

SoftPoint point of sale systems and software was built to meet the needs of a diverse group of business owners.


SoftPoint can help handle virtually every aspect of your Denver restaurant from employee management to tableside ordering and payments. See the difference in your workflow and customer satisfaction with tools from SoftPoint.

Temporary Locations

From pop-ups to farmers markets to kiosks at the mall, people that do business here and there can get all the benefits afforded to traditional brick and mortars by the SoftPoint point of sales system.

Convenience Stores

Everything about your store is convenient — except your credit card processing solution. Improve your security and customers’ transactions with tools and software from SoftPoint.

Limited Food & Beverage Service

Just because you don’t offer a full breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu doesn’t mean that you can provide a 5-star experience for your customers. Make their morning coffee or blue-plate special that much more enjoyable with flexible payment processing solutions that fit your business.

Night Life

Your Denver business demands a fast-paced, effective, streamlined payment processing solution so you can keep up with your customers. SoftPoint makes it easy for you to meet the demands of even the most dedicated of bar-crawlers and nightclubbers.

Mobile Businesses

If you do business on the go, SoftPoint is the payments platform for you. With mobile applications and tools, you can offer quick, secure payments to your customers in the comfort of their homes.

What SoftPoint Point Of Sales & Software Brings To The Table

In short, more customers. The payment processing systems and solutions that the SoftPoint suite delivers improves accuracy, speed, and security while reducing chargebacks and poor customer experiences. With a dedicated support team here to help you, you can count on:

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