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EuroPay Payment Solutions

Short for EuroPay, EMV is a secure payment that reduces face to face fraud than the old standard, magnetic strip credit cards. Credit cards now have a chip embedded into it. What this means to safety and to the customer is when the credit card is dipped into the terminal, it creates a unique, one time impression that is a random numerical sequence. The combined tokenization and chip process makes it almost impossible for hackers to steal any pertinent information from the transaction. EMV was created in the 90s and has been the standard for many years around the world, especially in Europe. However, it was not until the EMV mandate in October 2015, that you the merchant should take notice. After this date, if you are a retail merchant, there was a liability shift in fraudulent transactions. Now, if you do not have a EMV terminal and run your transactions with the EMV card, if there happens to be a fraudulent transaction, you, the merchant are now on the hook. So, if you do not have an EMV terminal or POS, now is the time to get one! Accepting cards via EMV as opposed to magnetic strip cards are a much safer transaction for not only your business, but your customer. Even though this mandate has been in place now for a couple of years now, less than half of small businesses have the capability to accept EMV transactions and are open to liability fraud. Rocky Mountain Credit Card has numerous terminals and EMV ready POS systems, so not matter if you are a retail store, restaurant or any other type of face to face business, we have a solution to get your business up to date and more secure from being hacked or have credit card information stolen from your customers.

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