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The Right POS System for a Growing Small Business

November 25th, 2019

I was recently approached by a small business owner who has seen really great growth over the last 18 months and considering moving away from Square as her point-of-service (POS) system. When the business first started Square was the convenient option, but now it made sense for her to make the move away from Square in order to lessen the burden of higher rates and fees that come with the all-in-one service.

Knowing that there are plenty of you out there running a small business that might also be considering a similar move, I wanted to share some guidance I hope will make your decision-making a bit easier. Here are some questions to ask as you evaluate what options are out there.

Does the POS system work with any processor?

Of central concern for this small business owner was whether or not her new POS system would work with any processor. As mentioned, Square operates as its own transaction ecosystem and only works with its own processor. As your business grows and moving away from a system like Square makes more financial sense, be certain that your new POS system can work with any processor. This gives you flexibility in case the service doesn’t meet your standards or rates increase and you find another option.

Does the POS company offer the customer service and support I need?

Don’t undervalue quality customer service and access to timely support. For any small business owner, this is critical especially because even the most minor issues can cause lasting effects to your bottom line. Imagine not being able to process transactions for 30 minutes on a heavy shopping day. That is a lot of missed revenue plus it hurts your brand and the image of your business causing further lost revenue in the days and weeks that follow.

Be certain that you select a POS company that is available 24/7 either by phone call, text message, or email. With a company like Square, you are a small fish in an ocean full of other small fish so reaching someone immediately is nearly impossible. Make sure the new system you select doesn’t just have the bells and whistles you need, also the one-on-one support you are able to access quickly and at any time.

Is the POS system customizable?

Early on, a system like Square works because it’s easy to set up and easy to navigate. For a small business owner just getting things off the ground, that convenience saves you time that you can reinvest into building your business. However, as you grow, you will often find yourself needing more than what Square has to offer.

Make sure your new POS system is customizable and offers the tools and add-ons you maybe didn’t need when first launching your business. A POS system that you can tweak as needed while also remaining user friends is what you need to take your business to the next level.

I recognize the convenience that comes with a platform like Square, especially early in your business’s development. But I encourage you to think about these three things as your business grows and welcome any questions you might have. Rocky Mountain Credit Card is here to answer your questions and when you’re ready, to set you up with the POS system that will allow your business to grow.

If you want to know more, feel free to give me a call at 303-875-0621 or send me an email.

Best of luck,