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Shoestring Marketing Tips for Restaurants

October 18th, 2018

Restaurant owners are always looking for ways to generate revenue for their business or ways to save money on marketing or to do it on the cheap. Here’s a few marketing tips on the cheap to help you out! One way is to have an up to date and modern website. Customers and more importantly, potential customers are looking for places to eat online. If your site is outdated or doesn’t have new and up to date content, that is going to turn off people who could be eating at your restaurant. Having a fresh look will help drive those new customers to the location.

Another idea is to make sure to have a credit card processing company that does more than just process credit cards. Yes, we all know, when it comes to credit card processing owners are always looking for the “lowest rate”. But what good does having a low rate do if it does not help your bottom line in other ways. There are free POS that offer not only inventory help but more importantly marketing tools that can automate campaigns without much work from you. These can also manage online reputation which can greatly help marketing, along with social media.

If you are not using social media for your restaurant, you are missing a cheap way to help you! Social media is how people learn about new businesses, what specials and deals are being offered and what others are saying about different ones. Offering a free appetizer or drink can help drive new customers looking for a new place to go get in and check you out.

Creating a loyalty program can help continue to bring in your repeat customers and the ones who truly keep your doors open. If you create one and get your loyal customers to come in just even once more a month, this can generate hundreds if not thousands more to your bottom line a month. Your credit card processing company should have numerous ideas and ways to tie that into your payment processing solution.

With a few tweaks and not a lot of extra work, you can improve that bottom line without having to spend a lot! This will not only make you happy, but probably make more importantly your customers happy!