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Payment Processing for Restaurants: So Much More Than Credits Cards

June 21st, 2019

Are you a bar or restaurant owner or General Manager along the Colorado Front Range? If so, congratulations. You’re a part of one of the most dynamic food and beverage scenes on this side of the Mississippi River. Denver is a western center of diversity, culture, art, and craft goods, all of which you get to leverage into an amazing customer experience for your clients, and other Front Range communities like Fort Collins and Loveland are following suit.

But besides taking advantage of the bevy of quality ingredients and libations immediately available to you, what are you doing to boost your revenue and increase your business? An often overlooked aspect of your bar or restaurants opportunity to improve and do more volume might just exist in your current choices of payment processing provider and point of sale systems.

In today’s post, we will examine all the ways that changing up your current systems might benefit your business. 

Traditional Credit Card Processing

When you first got into the business, you likely had to go through the entire process of vetting and choosing the ideal credit card processing company for your restaurant or bar. Or did you? As it turns out, most non-chain restaurants and bars end up choosing the first offer that comes along because they are eager to get their doors open and, quite frankly, have a lot on their plates besides reading pages upon pages of service agreement and fee disclosures.

If you fall into the latter category, the one that contains the majority of bar and restaurant owners, then you’re likely missing out on everything that your credit card processor and point of sale systems could be doing for you, including increasing the amount of business that you do.

For all of you who took the time to find a system that worked for you, good job. But how long ago did you sign up? And, what kind of opportunities has your representative been bringing to the table to help you grow your business and beat the competition?

If it has been more than three or four years since you reconsidered your merchant processing and point of sale partners, then chances are good you are missing out on game-changing technology and better rates than you might expect.

Point of Sales, Supercharged

In recent years, point of sale systems have dynamically changed. No longer is your point of sales about having a terminal that could easily process credit and debit cards, redeem gift cards easily, and offer convenient table tracking software. By now, that is all considered to be boilerplate.

Now, finding a point of sale system that can allow for tableside payments, kiosks where customers can order without waiting for a server, and digital interface with rewards programs and special offers right to the customer’s mobile devices are just a few of the advantages the right point of sale system can offer you.

And that’s just the customer-facing side. Imagine bringing your timeclock, staffing, workflow management, and data tracking and dashboard all into one platform. These systems are out there and the businesses who are using them are reducing customer wait times, turning tables faster, managing staff and workflow more efficiently, and providing an overall better customer experience that is keeping their clients coming back for more.

So, how are you working to compete with that?

Leveraging Technology Equals More Business

Look around. If you do, you’ll quickly recognize that everywhere you look, advancement, automation, and technology are making strides to help businesses and everyday people run more efficiently. If you’re not taking advantage of the technology out there that can help you elevate your business, then you must accept that some of your competitors are already on their way to overtaking your business.

More so than ever before, products change rapidly, with new and exciting features that have been developed due to customer demands. The world of POS systems and credit card processing are no exception. In a world where your business must change and grow, or fall behind and die, a savvy business owner knows there is only one option.

At Rocky Mountain Credit Card in Denver, we work as an independent broker for all of your credit card processing and point of sale system needs. We work with major national providers, as well as smaller, progressive companies that have incredible offers and competitive rates. By being able to offer you a bevy of options, we encourage these service providers to compete for your business, helping you to get the absolute best deals and service contracts available.

Best of All, You Could Be Saving Money

Despite all of this, the single biggest reason to call Rocky Mountain Credit Card is that we believe we can save you money. With all of the programs we have to offer, we’re so certain that we can save you money that we created the $500 Guarantee. It’s our promise that if we don’t have an option that can save you money, we will pay you $500.

How many businesses have you worked with who are that confident? Wouldn’t you like to work with more of them? After all, you have nothing to lose and $500 to gain.

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