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Octopus: A Startup Reinventing the Restaurant POS Experience!

May 9th, 2018

At Rocky Mountain Credit Card, we are always trying to not only improve our clients experience, but also make their customers experience better at their store or restuarant. We have just partnered up with a startup Octopus, who we believe can do both! Tablet POS platforms have blown up in the past 5 years. There are many coming out each year, but only a certain amount move the needle. Octopus POS does this.

For all of you Apple fans, this is an iPad based tablet solution. You use your iPads and easily download their software onto them and you are ready to go! Not only can you do the usual POS functions, but with Octopus, you can have your wait staff take orders directly from the table and even accept payment at the table if you want. This will make turning tables easier and quicker and less chance for error on orders and fraud on the credit cards.

You can use Octopus as your menu as well! Why have a paper menu or one of those lamintated ones, when you can create beautiful and vibrant menus on your iPad. You can change or add menu items at any time making these up to date and no need to print off more. This also enables your customers to be able to order themselves if you want to speed up the process or have your wait staff more free to handle other aspects of your customers experience.

If you are a retail store, don’t worry, Octopus has all the tools you need as well! There are tons of companion apps that you can download to make your business better. Use cloud technology to track all your sales and inventory. They offer competitve pricing and support to help you with all of your needs.

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