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New POS Trends for Restaurants/Pay at the Table

September 5th, 2018

The payment processing industry is changing every day. There are new technologies and great products that are being introduced it seems every month. Crazy though, that most restaurants have not gotten on board with this. When you go out to most restaurants, you will see some sort of POS system in place that takes orders, inventory and such and also accepts payment via a magnetic strip. That’s great! However, if it stops there, the restaurant is behind the curve.

This means that the restaurant is still taking orders either via memory from the server or having them write down, which can lead to data entry errors. This also means the server has to go back to the POS station, possibly wait in line with other servers before taking that order. Oh and don’t forget most have 3-8 tables, so it could take up to 5 minutes to put in that order. The first piece of technology they are missing is order taking right from the table. There are many solutions that will connect to the POS via tablet that allows the server to take the order right there at the table. This means, less errors, quicker table turning and happier customers. This solutions are really cost effective and will improve your bottom line.

Then there is the process at the end of the meal. The customer flagging down the server to get the check. Then the customer looks over the bill leaves the credit card in the sleeve and waits for the server to come back. Then the server has to go back to the POS wait in line again, process the card via the old swiping usb then give the customer their receipt. Lots of steps and time right? That process averages 12 minutes! Crazy right? Why not make the customer happy, turn more tables. There are many great pay at the table solutions that can take out many of those steps. There are even ways that the customer can pay right from their phone and take out paying from the POS all together! Think, as a restaurant owner, how many more tables you can turn on a busy night and the amount of stress you can take off your servers from running around with this type of a solution!

If you are one of those owners who have been waiting to upgrade or hesistant to change, the time is now to reach out and embrace the new technology and stay ahead of the curve!