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Intuit Stops Processing Gun Sales without Notice: Have You Been Blindsided by your Processor?

June 13th, 2018

It was just released in the past couple of days that Intuit has abruptly stopped payment processing for gun sales at many of their merchants locations. This came without notice and left many scrambling to find the customers who purchased the products and also how to run transactions that are legitimate for their business.

I have mentioned before that there are many times where I disagree with some of the practices and “rules” that the industry and processors do. This is a big one. While it is within Intuit’s right to shut off gun sales somewhere probably in their agreement, it is not right the way it was handled. The merchants affected should have been plenty of notice from them that this change was being made. First, just for the fact that if they didn’t agree with their decision, at least they would have a little time to find a processor that could better suit their needs.

Has your business ever been turned upside down by your processor one way or another? Did you want to talk about it with an expert in the industry that can help? Please reach out to us to discuss or if we can give you a fresh pair of eyes to look at your payment processing situation.