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Helping Customers to Become More Self-Serve

December 5th, 2018

Customers want convenience. They want fast! They want efficient. This comes to all part of the process and the sales transaction. In the payment processing world, there are many ways that you can help improve your customer experience and also make your employees time easier and make an overall better flow.

Let’s start with the obvious solution and one that if you accept credit cards, should have already done years ago.  At the very least, the business should have an EMV/NFC credit card terminal. The liability shift was years ago for merchants if you do not have one. Secondly, accepting credit cards this was is more secure and quicker, especially if you accept NFC! More than likely, your customer already has there phone out and an NFC, it takes just a couple of seconds and no thumbing around for the credit card in the wallet or purse!

If you are a quick serve restaurant or retail location, there are now customer facing POS systems where they customer can order themselves and the transaction goes directly through the POS to fulfill the order. Not only does this save time, but it can also cut down on overhead!

Let’s shift to restaurants for a moment. One of the bigger time wasters and customer experiences that can be improved is the payment process at a sit down restaurant. Statistics show that the time it takes to drop off the check, then pick up the credit card and run the transaction and drop off is around 10 minutes! That’s a lot of time. That doesn’t even take into account tracking down the server when you are ready to get your bill!

90% of POS restaurant users don’t have an EMV/NFC solution, even less have a pay at the table option. There are too many solutions now not to take advantage of this. There are apps that actually let the customers pay from their phone! Numerous handheld terminals that talk to your POS system are around and quite efficient and don’t cost an arm and a leg. Think about being able to flip tables around 10 minutes quicker if you had services such as these! Why don’t you? It’s time to ask that question and keep your business ahead of the curve!