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Don’t get fooled by “Rate jockeys” pitching one LOW rate

July 8th, 2011

I just met with a merchant yesterday who said he had the best rate around 1.59%.  He told me no one could beat it.  I told him that there were over 200 different types of Visa and MC alone and most of those cost more than that out of Visa and MC, let alone after card processing costs.

He did not believe it, but after taking a look at his recent statement, most of his cards did not meet that 1.59% rate and downgraded to mid and non qualified fees.  He was paying between 3-4% for those.

He processes $10,000 a month and I was able to save him almost $200 a month on his fees!!!  Let me do the same for you with the lowest rates in Denver or anywhere else in the US!  As always I offer cost plus pricing which you pay just tenths of a percent above actual cost!