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Colorado Mexican Restaurant saves money on merchant services

May 15th, 2011

I went to my favorite restaurant in Littleton Colorado over the weekend.  Had a margarita on the deck.  I ended up talking to the owner.  Usual conversation about how the economy could be better ad he hopes that it will pick back up for the summer.  I told him a lot of restaurants are looking at their current payment processors and seeing if they can cut their costs.  He made a few copies of his statements for me to look at over the weekend.  I am able to save his restaurant over 1200.oo a month. He is currently using his bank and has called them a few times already to save money.  They already have his business so there is no need to give him the best deals.

If you are restaurant owner please check with me and I will give you a free assessment.  I will be able to save you money.

Ryan Kenny